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Härke sets new good standard
Härke GmbH & Co. KG  ·  Alexander-Str. 59-61  ·  D-42857 Remscheid  ·  Phone: 0 21 91 / 98 04 50  ·  Fax: 0 21 91 / 98 04 51

Measuring instruments for the leak test

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PC-supported data capturing and data storage unit
with new software for automatic analysis

Data capturing and data storing according to DIN EN 1610 for mobile and stationary application. Suitable for all leak test sets offered by Härke. An analogue-digital converter with 12 bits resolution ensures a measuring accuracy of 0.15 mbar.

  • Basic equipment with 12 bits resolution, 123 kByte memory, Measuring beginning switch, LCD-display
  • Lithium battery with 16,500 mAh
  • On-line cable for PC and thermal printer
  • On-line connection for thermal printer
  • Software (German or English)
  • Test hose with coupling
  • Pressure sensor, 600 mbar (standard)
  • Sensor adapter with Geka connection
  • Aluminium-box with interior arrangement
Order-No. 15572

Digital manual measuring instrument

suitably for the leak test with air according to DIN EN 1610 procedures LC and LD, pressure range 0–250 mbar, measuring accuracy 0.6% of final result

  • Basic equipment with LCD-display
  • Test hose with coupling
  • Adapter Geka on quick-lock coupling size 2.7
  • Inclusive 9 V battery
Order-No. 155745
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