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Steel rods "Blitzbohrer"

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Line 282: Drain-cleaning-rods "Blitzbohrer"

With this range of rods first connections can be made from manhole to manhole or blockages can be eliminated manually. The rods are manufactured from patented high tensile steel alloy and the screw couplings are completely made of steel. So the rods can be extended individually or be equipped with special tools. The rod´s diameter is 8 mm

Complete set "Blitzbohrer":

10 rods á 2 m, 1 worm screw 50 mm, 1 double worm screw 50 mm, 1 rotating handle

Order-No. 28200

Individual rods "Blitzbohrer"

Length 1 m 1.5 m 2 m
Order-No. 282010 282015 282020

Boring tool

For the removal of firm blockages and preparation of possible rinsing procedures.

Order-No. 28210

Worm screw / double worm screw

All-purpose tool

Diameter Worm
screw 50 mm
screw 100 mm
Double worm
screw 50 mm
Double worm
screw 100 mm
Order-No. 28220 28221 28225 28226

Retrieving tool

To retrieve lost rods or tools in drain or sewer.

Order-No. 28230

Rotating handle

To enable rods to be rotated in either direction.

Order-No. 28250
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