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Durable Drain Rods for Effective Cleaning

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Line 438: Drain rods

Drain rods serve for a first connection of manholes in dirty sewers, e.g. for the transfer of a wire rope from manhole to manhole. In addition drain rods can be used directly for the removal of blockages or also for the transfer of cables.

Plastic rods

Manufactured from PVC. Impact resistant and shatterproof. Because of their smooth surface the plastic rods can be cleaned easily. The rod diameter is 25 mm. The screw couplings are completely manufactured from solid brass.

Length 1 m 2 m 3 m 4 m
Order-No. 43851 43852 43853 43854

Drain rod "pear"

with screw coupling made from brass as well as attachment-hook for passing through cables and ropes

Order-No. 43903

Drain rod ring eye

with screw coupling made from brass

Order-No. 43913
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